Talent Upload Student Registration

Talent Upload Fall 2017

We’re so excited to meet you! Please fill out the following application. Over the summer, we will be reviewing applications twice monthly, and you will be notified of acceptance and/or your placement on a waiting list.

Please understand that being placed on a waiting list does not mean that you will not be accepted to the program, but that we will review your application with participating employers. We will keep you updated regarding your status frequently and will give you updates of why you are placed on this list. The most common reason for placing students on the waiting risk are:

  • Have previously attended Talent Upload
    • Not a bad thing–employers will receive your updated info even if not accepted.
  • Have previously no-showed at Talent Upload
    • Not a great thing–employers invest money in seeing you. If you have not been able to attend, and have not notified us, you will be on this list.
  • Specialization in an area that is not needed by currently participating employers.
    • New employers are being added constantly, but we don’t want to waste your time if your talents (while greatly admired) would not fit existing positions available.